DADC-104 (Digital Air Data Computer)

Digital Air Data Computer
an Astronautics product.

Business Development (Astronautics)

DADC-104 is fully computerized Air Data Computer. The use of solid state only devices results in high computational power, high accuracy and high reliability (MTBF of over 4000 hours).
DADC-104 belongs to the Astronautics DADC family. It follows the DADC-102 developed for the Mirage and the DADC-103 developed for the Kfir.

DADC-104 is a fully computerized air data computer utilizing solid state only devices resulting in high computational power, high accuracy and high reliability (MTBF of over 4000 hours). Pressure Transducers used are solid state with outstanding performance.

The DADC-104 inputs are: static and total pressure from the Pitot Tube, Outside Air Temperature and several discretes such as BIT initiate. From these inputs the DADC-104 calculates the required outputs.

These outputs are both analog and digital. An integral BIT checks continuously the DADC-104's circuitry. Any detected failure or performance degradation is reported into the aircraft system through special status output.

Special options providing additional I/O and/or different accuracies are available.

DADC-104 can be supplied in suitable mechanical/electrical configurations for retrofit purposes.

    • FFF to AXC 666 which is installed on A-4F and up
    • Can perform functions of CPU-66 (Encoded Altitude) and Autopilot Air Data Sensor
    • Extremely High Accuracy
    • Temperature Compensation
    • Completely solid state, including digital Pressure Transducers
    • Digital and/or analog outputs
    • BIT
    • Modular Design
    • Easy Maintainability
    • Excellent Reliability

    • Air Speed/True Air Speed
    • Mach Number
    • Pressure Altitude
    • Static Free Air Temperature

Power 24-32 VDC, 115 VAC
Power Consumption 20W
Static Pressure 0-32" Hg
Total Pressure 1-75" Hg
OAT -70 to 210°C
Altitude -1500 to 60,000 ft.
True Air Speed 70 to 1200 Knots
Calibrated Air Speed 50 to 880 Knots
Mach Number 0.1 to 1.2 M
Environment per MIL 5400 Class II
MTBF >4000 hrs.
Dimensions W=3.9", H=7.6", D=10.4"
Weight <5 Kg.