Inertial Measurement Unit (High Performance)

Inertial Measurement Unit (High Performance)
a Kearfott product.

Marketing (Kearfott)

Kearfott's Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) are ideally suited for those applications requiring high performance in a compact package.
How Does it Work?
Cost performance, and size advantages have been achieved by incorporating the T24 and a MOD VIIA Accelerometer Triad into an Inertial Sensor Assembly (ISA), and developing the associated IMU electronics to fit on a single compact card. These electronics may also be incorporated by the user, along with other system unique electronics, onto a combined board to achieve overall system cost and size advantages. This modular approach allows for interchangeability with our Tactical grade ISA where both High and Tactical grade performance is required on an interchangeable basis.
    • High reliability
    • Low life cycle cost
    • Simplified electronics
    • Six-Sigma design

    • Provides velocity and heading
    • Flight control data rates
    • Navigation data rates
    • Built-In Test (BIT)

Bias Repeatability Gyro: 0.004°/h
Accelerometer: 200µg
Scale Factor Repeatability Gyro: 10 PPM
Accelerometer: 250 PPM
Axis Alignment Gyro: 10s-1
Accelerometer: 20s-1
Bias Stability Gyro: 0.003°/h
Accelerometer: 15µg

PDF Downloads: KI-4901 High Performance IMU Datasheet |