Inertial Reference Unit (Space-qualified)

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The Space-Qualified Kearfott Inertial Reference Unit (SKIRU) is the premier three-axis inertial reference for applications requiring high performance for attitude determination, or very low noise for jitter-free precision Line Of Sight (LOS) pointing.
Description: How Does it Work?
    • SKIRU IV:
      • Baseline
      • High Performance
      • Dual Range/Dual Output
    • SKIRU IV-H
      • Radiation Hard (Total Dose; Nuclear Threat Event; SEU Tolerant)
    • SKIRU V
      • Very High Performance
      • Temperature Controlled
      • Performance Achieved Over 25°F Temperature Range
    • SKIRU D-II
      • Redundant Three-Axis IRU
      • No Single Point of Failure
      • NASA Standard
    • Several models available
    • Demonstrated space life exceeding 15 years
    • Class S or Class B+ electronics
    • Attitude determination
    • Ultra low noise pointing
Specifications: All specifications shown are for the SKIRU IV
Gyro Type Gyroflex® MOD II E/S
Number of Gyros 2
Dimensions 7in x 9in x 3.75in
Weight 9.0 lbs
Input Voltage 22-34 Vdc
Power Max. Quiescent 25W (typical: 17W)
Low Range 480°/h Analog & Digital
High Range, Full-Speed Mode Digital: 8°/s, Analog: 1°/s for 5V output
Operating Temperature 20°F - 125°F
Functional Temperature 0°F - 140°F
Input Axis Alignment Zero Offset
Optical Reference Optional
Operating Life 10yr (15yr available)
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