MOD VIIA Inertial Single Axis Accelerometer (K120A054)

MOD VIIA Inertial Single Axis Accelerometer (K120A054)
a Kearfott product.

Marketing (Kearfott)

The MOD VIIA is a cost optimized member of the MOD VII family with medium accuracy navigation and tactical grade performance in thermally modeled strap down applications.
How Does it Work?
The MOD VIIA accelerometer is a miniature gas damped, force rebalanced, pendulous accelerometer. The acceleration sensor is a dc torque capacitive displacement sensing pickoff. Acceleration inputs applied along the sensitive axis cause a relative displacement of the proof mass to the case. This displacement is sensed by the pickoff electronics resulting in a pickoff error signal which is amplified and demodulated. The error signal is converted to an analog current and applied to the torquer coil to bring the proof mass back to a null pickoff error position. The feedback current is proportional to the sensed acceleration input. The MOD VIIA also contains an integral ASIC capture loop, a temperature sensor, and it needs only ±15V dc power for operation.
    • Mature design, proven reliability
    • Integral analog capture loop and temperature sensor
    • Built-In Test (BIT) and voltage test capability

    • Provides single axis acceleration
    • Common internal clock option for multiple units
    • Units with custom requirements can be provided

Range Continuous: 0 ± 60g
Intermittent: 0 ± 120g
Scale Factor Absolute: 1.33mA/g (+5%/-15%)
Thermal Model: 100 PPM
Stability: 100 PPM (one year)
Bias Absolute: 0 ± 100 mg
Thermal Model: 85µg
Stability: 100µg (one year)
Temperature Sensor 1.0 mA/°/C
Threshold <1 µg
Linearity 0 ± 5 µg/g²
Cross Coupling 0 ± 5 µg/g²
Vibration Rectification 0 ± 10 µg/g²rms
Vibration 10 grms
Shock 250g
Temperature -54°C to +95°C
Power 0.7W
Weight 54 ± 1 g²

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