MRLG/Inertial Measurement Unit for Tactical Applications (KI-4920)

a Kearfott product. Contact: Marketing (Kearfott) Phone:973-785-6000
Kearfott's IMUs are ideally suited for those applications requiring high performance in a compact form factor, and at a cost compatible with large volume tactical programs.
Description: Cost, performance and size advantages have been achieved by incorporating the T24 (MRLG) and a MOD VIIA Accelerometer Triad into an Inertial Sensor Assembly (ISA), and developing the associated IMU electronics to fit on a single compact card. The MRLG IMU is available as a separate ISA and an electronics board suitable for integration into specific program application form factors. The IMU electronics may also be incorporated by the user, along with other system unique electronics, onto a combined board to achieve overall system cost and size advantages. This modular approach allows for interchangeability with our Tactical grade ISA where both High and Tactical grade performance is required on an interchangeable basis. 1-Board Electronics1-Board Electronics
    • Three-axis Ring Laser Gyro
    • MOD VIIA Accelerometers
    • Simplified electronics (1 board)
    • High reliability
    • Low life cycle cost
    • Large performance margin
    • Six-sigma design
    • Reduced parts count
    • Flight control data rates
    • Navigation data rates
    • BIT
Acceleration 40 Gs
Attitude unlimited
Roll/Pitch/Azimuth Angular Rate 400 degrees/s; can be re-scaled to 1,000 degrees/s.
Roll/Pitch/Azimuth Acceleration 10,000 degrees/s^2
Cooling Free convection
Environmental Per MIL-E-5400
Dimensions ISA - 3.3"Dia x 5.2"L; Electronics - 36"^2
Weight 3lb
Power +15V, -15V, +5V, <25 Watts
Activation Time <5s
Maintenance BIT, 95% coverage
Calibration Interval None
Operational Life 20 Yrs.
MTBF >6,000 Hrs.
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